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The resources below are among the best to educate youth about financial literacy. STF encourages the use of these curated resources to increase the knowledge of 'STF Educators' who will be teaching curricula, as well as youth recipients of the STF curricula.



  • Crash Course Economics: This wildly popular YouTube channel offers an excellent series of videos covering the field of economics.


  • Two Cents: Engaging videos explaining financial topics for young viewers (10+).


  • Nate O'Brien: Nate teaches financial literacy and other topics including the importance of productivity and minimalism.


  • Investing With Rose: Rose inspires young people to understand financial literacy in a engaging and provocative way.




  • MoneySmarts: This resource from Indiana University provides personal finance courses and information pertaining to college costs.


  • CNBC: This website covers the latest financial markets and news.


  • Clark Howard: Clark’s website includes a large number of topics related to money and finance.


  • MarketWatch: The Personal Finance section of this website provides a wealth of timely information.










  • Choose FI: A former accountant and pharmacist discuss clever life and financial hacks.





  • Choose FI Blog: This frequently-updated blog focuses on a wide variety of personal finance topics ranging from budgeting to investing.


  • Young Finances: This blog deals with financial predicaments surrounding young adulthood, but contains several articles relevant to younger ages.

Note: STF does not necessarily endorse all content published by the resources above.

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