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Our Mission

To Enhance Financial Literacy and Combat Economic Inequality Nationwide by Students Educating Youth in Their Communities

What is STF?

STF, incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, aims to enhance youth financial literacy. We accomplish this by implementing high-quality and freely available curricula, including our own. STF provides a repository of curated financial literacy resources for students. Just as our founder does in his community, we aim to share these resources and curricula so that students may teach their younger peers. In addition, STF engages in national advocacy to require financial literacy education. STF encourages you to take advantage of opportunities to impact the future financial lives of youth and create a chapter. Administrators and students are welcome to start a chapter.

What Motivates STF?

#1. Lack of Financial Literacy The lack of financial literacy and education in our youth is alarming; 77% of students are not requried to take a financial literacy class. Moreover, 72% of parents report they are reluctant to discuss finance with their children. The lack of education in this area almost certainly contributes to the fact that only 24% of young adults are financially self-sufficient (U.S. Census Bureau). STF believes that educating students about finance and planting seeds will improve their future financial health and stability.

#2. Economic Inequality Throughout the world, and especially in America, there is a rapidly increasing monetary divide between the rich and poor (Pew Research Center). People with less financial means are less likely to utilize investment markets and own property, both of which build wealth. By enhancing youth financial literacy, especially in underserved communities, STF contributes to greater economic equity.

#3. Financial Education Makes a Difference Simply put, teaching financial literacy to youth has the potential to significantly change their futures. According to the U.S. Federal Reserve, young adults exposed to financial education as youth have greater financial health and stability. Moreover, those receiving financial education as children participate more in investment markets and eventually have greater wealth and less debt. In sum, STF provides essential financial education, which many youth are lacking, that makes a difference in students’ lives.

#4. Students Teaching Students Although adult teachers are fantastic, older high school and college student volunteers teaching younger youth about finance breaks up the monotony of the classroom and garners more attention. The engaging STF curricula and resources are aimed at K-8 students. STF seeks students who are motivated to teach financial literacy to their younger peers.


Who is an STF Educator?

High School Student

You! STF is recruiting high school & college student volunteer-educators to create chapters, impacting their communities. Use our compiled resources to learn basic personal finance and utilize the ready-made open-source curricula to easily teach youth in your community.

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