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Below are various curricula - including Students Teaching Finance's - that we encourage volunteers to utilize to teach financial literacy in their local classrooms and communities through our 'shared leadership' chapter model. Of course, teachers should adapt the curricula as needed to meet their specific needs and goals.


STF Curriculum

Here you will find the STF curriculum, which includes two 'lightning lessons' per school level. These lessons address age-appropriate financial and life choices in an interactive, engaging, and informative way. This curriculum helps students manage money more effectively and educate them about financial literacy. Please note that the STF curriculum is more targeted and less comprehensive than those below.



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Junior Achievement

These resources are amazing, both in depth and breadth, for financial literacy education in grades K-12.

(see curriculum)


Cash Course

This free and interactive financial education program is designed to mimic real-life personal finance obstacles and choices.

(see curriculum)

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Next Gen Personal Finance

NGPF provides very detailed lesson plans for middle school and high school students.

(see curriculum)

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Choose FI Foundation

This organization provides a curriculum for PreK-12 students about basic financial concepts.

(see curriculum)

Note: STF does not necessarily endorse all content published by the resources above.

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