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New: Students Teaching Finance Spanish Curriculum & Now Expanding to Central America!


Students Teaching Finance (STF), incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, strives to enhance financial literacy and combat economic inequality internationally through our network of student "STF Educators." Financial illiteracy remains a growing epidemic among today's youth. Regrettably, financial education is not taught to many students. Founded by a high school student passionate about finance and education, STF teaches financial literacy—including with our open-source curriculum—in schools to redirect financial paths and advocates for systemic education.

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STF’s open-source curriculum for grades K-8 is engaging and interactive, featuring a fun mixture of stations, stories, and games. In addition, other free, curated curricula are available to teach.

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STF volunteer ‘Educators’ enter classrooms and communities to teach financial literacy to youth. Our education bridges a gap in students’ education and sows seeds for future learning.

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STF advocates for financial literacy education nationwide through print, digital, and television media. Read our  op-ed in MarketWatch

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